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Modern Beer Brewery


The brewing industry has traditionally been racially homogenous, and our internship is looking to increase diversity and inclusion in our community.  


The Lovibond Internship is an eight-week internship designed to introduce People of Color into the craft beer industry in New York City.


The first four weeks will be dedicated to hands-on instruction in key areas of the craft beer industry. The second four weeks will be dedicated to guiding interns through a project in which they will participate in brewing, marketing, distributing, and releasing a collaboration beer. 


Built into the experience will be opportunities for interns to be mentored by People of Color in the industry presently. Interns will also get to network with the wider New York City craft beer community. 



Weeks 1-4:

In the first four weeks interns will take part in a program that will highlight four key areas within the craft brewing industry:


  1. Production/Packaging 

  2. Front of house 

  3. Sales/Distribution 

  4. Marketing/Taxes/Administration 




Weeks 4-8:

Under the supervision of the participating brewery, interns will brew a single collaboration beer.  Interns will have input on recipe design, and aspects of physically brewing the beer (Production/Packaging). They will also work on naming and designing the beer label, the social media strategy, and completing the COLA registration of the beer (Marketing/Admin). Interns will be in charge of discussing what sort of event to design for the launch of the beer, and what markets they think it would sell in (Sales). On their final bar shifts, interns will pour the collaboration beer and think about potential food pairings  (Front of House). In this way, each module of the first four weeks will be a “training” session for the last four weeks, and interns will get to apply the key ideas they learn. 



Thinking about becoming a Lovibond Project Intern?

Check out our FAQs page, then pop an email to to be one of the first to know when applications open! 

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